Adidas FC Bayern München Travel 2017 Polo Shirt

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About the product?

Made of natural fiber of cotton, the Adidas FC Bayern München Travel 2017 Polo Shirt is predominantly red, with gray and black in both sleeves. On the chest, appear embroidered the badge of Bayern, along with Adidas' logo. Besides, the collar has a polo style, with buttons. Lastly, the phrase "Mia san mia", which means "We are what we are", on the back, below the neck, is a reference to the slogan used by the team that, above all, have pride in be what they are and what they represent to the world.

FC Bayern Munich, commonly referred to as Bayern, is a german sports association headquartered in Munich, Bavaria. The state in which it is located also named the team, Bayern. It currently has almost 285,000 fans and organized members.

Composition: 100% Cotton
Badge: Embroidered
Collar: Polo
Sleeves: Short
Pockets: No
Lining: No
Country: Germany

Approximate Dimensions (H x W):
72 x 45 cm
M:  74 x 47 cm
L:  76 x 49 cm
XL: 78 x 51 cm

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  • Available customization: No
  • Collar: Polo
  • Collar: Polo
  • Composition: Cotton
  • Composition: Cotton
  • Gender: Male
  • Gender: Male
  • Pocket: Não
  • Predominant color: Red
  • Product type: Jersey
  • Sleeve: Short
  • Sleeve: Short
  • Sport: Soccer
  • Suitable for: Casual
  • Suitable for: Casual
  • Status: In line
  • Soccer Team: Bayern de Munique
  • Age: Adult
  • Color: Red