Dohler São Paulo Towel

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Designed especially for the Tricolor fans to show their love for the team in the smallest detail, the Dohler São Paulo Towel is the right choice. Made of cotton fibers, the piece brings velvety touch fabric to the body. More info.

Product code: #62729

$ 8.90

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About the product?

Composition: 100% Cotton
Predominant color: Red
Approximate weight: 330g
Manufacture: Brazil
Unique size
Approximate dimensions (H x W): 139 x 72 cm

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  • Composition: Cotton
  • Gender: Male
  • Product type: Towel
  • Sport: Soccer
  • Suitable for: Casual
  • Status: In line
  • Soccer Team: São Paulo
  • Age: Adult
  • Color: Red