Esquadrão Bahia 2021 Away Jersey



Congratulates theTricolor de Aço for 90 years of history with the club's away shirt for 2021, produced by the Esquadrão. The mantle has a striped design in the colors of the team, bearing the badge on the chest and the commemorative seal next to the hem.

Technical information

The team that was born to win now completes its 90-year trajectory on the lawns! With that in mind, the Esquadrão launched Bahia's away shirt for 2021, the mantle that congratulates the Tricolor de Aço for another year of fights and glories. The uniform was selected by supporter James Leon Lopes, featuring a design in blue and red with white parts, as well as the embroidered badge at the chest. In addition, near the bar, a commemorative stamp celebrates this important event in the history of Maior do Nordeste.

Composition: 100% Polyester
Color: Blue
Suitable for: Match
Gender: Male
Origin: National
Badge: Embroidered
Club: EC Bahia
Short sleeve
Collar: V

Approximate dimensions (H x W):
S: 70 x 49 cm
M: 71 x 52 cm
L: 73 x 56 cm
XL: 75 x 59 cm
2XL: 78 x 63 cm

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Esquadrão Bahia 2021 Away Jersey

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From US$ 56.90
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