Palmeiras Cruz De Savoia Retro T-Shirt



The Palmeiras Cruz de Savoia retro shirt is the best choice for collectors and fans of the team to show their love for the former Palestra Italia. Made of cotton, the piece has a blue design, with white cutout and the badge known as the Savoy Cross.

Technical information

Palmeiras Cruz de Savoia's retro shirt is perfect for collectors and fans to show their affection for the club through its historic shirt. The piece is made of cotton fibers, offering soft, comfortable fabric and excellent fit to the body. Inspired by the 1916 uniform, the model has a predominantly blue design and white cutouts, seen in the horizontal band present on the chest, sleeve cuff and collar, which in turn is polo with V-cut and drawstring responsible for the adjustment.

Composition: 100% Cotton
Origin: National
Badge: Embroidered
Short sleeve
Collar: Polo, with rem V cut

Approximate Dimensions (H x W):
L: 76 x 58 cm
XL: 79 x 60 cm
2XL: 81 x 62 cm

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Palmeiras Cruz De Savoia Retro T-Shirt