Penalty Santa Cruz Home 2016 Women Jersey



Penalty Santa Cruz Home 2016 Women Jersey

Technical information

The Penalty Santa Cruz Home 2016 Women Jersey is made of flexible polyester with NANO FRESH technology, which prevents the proliferation of bacterias that cause odor, and allows a quickly evaporation of sweat, keeping the skin dry for longer. Its design brings horizontal bands in red, black and white. This sum of colors is the representation of the three races which composed the Brazilian nation: black, white and indigenous and today is a great new nation, the nation tricolor. It also presents the club's badge and brand's logo on the chest. Besides, in the center of the chest, a symbol represents the victory of the team as Three-Time Champion Pernambucano. Lastly, the polo white collar complements the piece.

Santa Cruz Futebol Clube is a Brazilian football club based in Recife, Pernambuco. On February 3, 1914, eleven young men aging from 14 to 16 years founded a football society. Because the boys used to play football on the streets by the yard of the Santa Cruz Church, the club was named after that church, which is situated on Santa Cruz Street in Recife.

This jersey can be customized with name and number, using the official fonts of the team.

Composition: 100% Polyester
Technology: NANO FRESH
Badge: Embroidered
Collar: Polo
Sleeves: Short
Pockets: No
Lining: No
Country: Brazil

Approximate Dimensions (H x W):
63 x 47 cm
M:   65 x 49 cm
L:   67 x 51 cm
XL:  69 x 53 cm


Penalty Santa Cruz Home 2016 Women Jersey

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