Pro Tork Atlético Mineiro Cooler Box

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About the product?

Ideal for all Atleticano keep their drinks cold, while demonstrating their love for the Rooster at leisure, the Atlético Mineiro cooler is made of high density polyethylene with expanded polyurethane thermal coating. Its design presents the shape of a can and brings the black as the predominant color. The piece features the featured team shield on both sides. It has a manual handle, making it easy to handle at parties, meetings with friends, swimming pool or beach and has a high-strength plug-in cover. Finally, it brings lightness and practicality, in addition to capacity for about 24 cans of 350ml. Get yours now!

Composition: Made of Polyethylene
Composition Thermal Coating: Made of Expanded Polyurethane
Composition Strap: 100% Nylon
Capacity: 24 cans of 350ml
Approximate Weight: About 3kg
Approximate Dimensions (W x D): 45 x 27 cm

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