São Paulo Trilobal Cartier Tracksuit



São Paulo Trilobal Cartier Tracksuit

Technical information

The São Paulo Trilobal Cartier Tracksuit is made of sturdy polyester, providing total comfort and protection to the body. The jacket has its design composed of predominantly black with red and white clippings, located in the chest, giving more prominence to the team badge. Near the neck, the acronym SPFC is present. It also has front pockets without zipper, ideal for storing small objects or just warm your hands. The jacket has a high collar and zipper fastening, ensuring more convenience in everyday life. The piece brings corrugated finish of the sleeves cuffs and bottom, providing better fit to the body. Moreover, the pants brings the predominant black color with red and white stripes on the sides. It displays the team badge set in the left leg. It has zippered pockets on the sides and finally, at the waist, elastic and drawstring for the best adjustment. Every comfort and style for the Tricolor fans!

São Paulo Futebol Clube, simply known as São Paulo, is a professional football club, based in São Paulo, Brazil. The club plays in the Paulistão (the State of São Paulo's premier state league), as well as the Brasileirão (the top tier of the Brazilian football league system), being one of the only five clubs to have never been relegated, along with Santos, Flamengo, Internacional and Cruzeiro. As for international titles, São Paulo is the most successful team from Brazil, with 12 international titles. It is also one of the most successful South American clubs in terms of overall titles, having won 21 state titles.

Composition: 100% Polyester
Fastening: Yes, in zipper
Adjustment: Elastic and drawstring
Jacket Pockets: Yes
Pants Pockets: Yes, zippered
Badge: Embroidered
Lining: No
Collar: High
Sleeves: Long

Approximate Dimensions (H x W):

S: 69 x 49 cm
M: 71 x 51 cm
L: 73 x 53 cm
XL: 75 x 55 cm
XXL: 77 x 57 cm

S: 101 x 40 cm
M: 103 x 42 cm
L: 105 x 44 cm
XL: 107 x 46 cm
XXL: 109 x 48 cm


São Paulo Trilobal Cartier Tracksuit

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