Umbro Atlético Paranaense Kids Flip Flops

Umbro Atlético Paranaense Kids Flip Flops More info.

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About the product?

The Umbro Atlético Paranaense Juvenil Slipper is designed for the team's fans at a time when the body needs rest and relaxation. The piece was developed in rubber that softens the pressure of impacts throughout the foot and gives total comfort to the musculature. It has narrow straps with perfect fit in the fingers, which guarantee safety when walking, in addition, lead to the logo of the brand and the club in prominence. The Flip Flop has an anti-slip sole, which ensures stability, as well as a specific team texture, with predominant red color and black and white details. Quality, comfort and modernity in a single product.

Composition: Rubber
Approximate weight: About 350g the par 35/36 *
* Product weight varies by number.

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  • Available customization: No
  • Composition: Rubber
  • Gender: Male
  • Predominant color: Red
  • Product type: Flip Flops
  • Sport: Soccer
  • Suitable for: Casual
  • Status: In line
  • Soccer Team: Athletico Paranaense
  • Age: Infant
  • Color: Red