Umbro Santos 2023 Kids Third Kit



For little ones to feel the whole story of Peixe, Umbro launched third kit for 2023, perfect for showing the love that comes from birth. The kit has two pieces with a navy color design, the mantle features graphics of sea waves and carp that refer to Japan.

Technical information

Umbro presents the third kit for the 2023 season, inspired by the history between the team and Japan, a new episode of the "Santos do Mundo" campaign. The cloak displays a navy color design, has a seal on the sleeve with the name Japan, has graphics all over the body inspired by Japanese arts, with carp designs that in Japanese culture represent perseverance, strength and determination, in addition to the sea waves in a lighter shade of blue and red. In honor of the 115 years that Japanese families disembarked at the Port of Santos, uniting their culture and marking the history of Brazil.

Contains: 01 shorts and 01 shirt
Shorts adjustment: Elastic and drawstring
Composition: 100% Polyester
Predominant color: Navy
Badge: Printed
Origin: National
Age: Kids
Club: Santos
Short sleeve
Neck: V

Approximate dimensions (H x W):
: 35 x 30 cm
01 YEAR: 39 x 32 cm
02 YEARS: 44 x 34 cm
04 YEARS: 47 x 37 cm
06 YEARS: 50 x 39 cm

: 20 x 20 cm
01 YEAR: 22 x 22 cm
02 YEARS: 23 x 26 cm
04 YEARS: 26 x 29 cm
06 YEARS: 27 x 32 cm

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Umbro Santos 2023 Kids Third Kit

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From US$ 63.90
US$ 53.90
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