Kappa Vasco 2021 Respect and Diversity Jersey



Celebrate the International LGBTQIA + Pride Day with the Vascão shirt for 2021, the mantle that fights for inclusion, respect and diversity. The piece is made of polyester, has a white design and also has the Maltese Cross attached to the chest region.

Technical information

We are what we are, we are all the same, we are Vasco! The Gigante da Colina 2021 shirt pays tribute to LGBTQIA+ International Pride Day, which is celebrated on June 28th. The piece is a symbol in the battle against prejudice, showing that cruzmaltina history has always been written through inclusion, respect and diversity. The piece has a V-neck, 08 Vasco's stars on the inside of the collar and features a Maltese Cross applied in the diagonal stripe stylized in the colors of the rainbow. #RespectandDiversity #LoveIsLove # LGBTQIA +.



KOMBAT PRO SYTEM®: Authentic technique that gives an Italian elegance to the product design, based on the specificities of professional athletes.

Hidroway Fabric: High performance fabric with moisture absorption and quick drying, providing better comfort and excellent fit.

Composition: 100% polyester
Color: White
Club: Vasco da Gama
Suitable for: Match
Gender: Male
Origin: National
Badge: Vinyl
Short sleeve
Collar: V

Approximate dimensions (H x W):
S: 72 x 52 cm
M: 73 x 55 cm
L: 77 x 56 cm
XL: 80 x 59 cm
2XL: 84 x 65 cm

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Kappa Vasco 2021 Respect and Diversity Jersey