Privacy Policy

Buying at FutFanatics is safe.

FutFanatics is committed to ensuring security and personal data privacy to our customers, protecting its informations from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure. Therefore, we present our Privacy Policy, which aims to clarify the use of this information.

By accessing and providing your data, the user hereby acknowledges and accepts our Terms and Policies.

Our web store spares no effort when it comes to security.

We provide security systems to prevent data from interceptions and hacking attacks. Through encryption systems used in the web servers where our store is hosted, data traffic security during a purchase transaction is guaranteed.

Safety Certifications
FutFanatics uses data encryption technology so that your information's transaction is always secure. All data processed during purchase are managed in a secure and encrypted environment.

The "Authentic Site Secured by SSL" certificate ensures that all transactions involving payment, either by credit card or not, are encrypted with SSL technology - Secure Socket Layer. Other important tools in management and fraud detection for e-commerce are "FControl Anti Fraud" and "Clear Sale", risk management solutions that detect and prevent fraud in real time.

Information Security
By registering, you enter personal data such as name, email, billing and shipping address, among others. Any information provided will be stored in accordance with strict standards of security and reliability.

All personal data, addresses, payment and purchasing information will never be used for other purposes than processing the order, and are therefore not disclosed in any way.

FutFanatics will not sell, rent or transfer these data to third parties under any circumstances. However, these information may be grouped and used, internally, as generic statistics in order to obtain a better understanding of our users' profile.

Promotional Emails
Your email address is also treated with confidentiality and not provided to anyone. Only customers who signed up to receive our releases and promotions will obtain newsletters and special offers by email. By registering on our website, you can choose whether or not you would like to receive email notifications.

FutFanatics is against sending emails without prior authorization (known as SPAM). You can cancel your newsletter subscription at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in each newsletter.

Viewed Products History
FutFanatics automatically receives and records, through "cookies", information about browser activity, including the IP address and the accessed pages. These activity logs will only be used to recognize a constant visitor, improve shopping experience and enable personalized features such as product recommendations, virtual advertising and previously saved items in the shopping cart, for example.

"Cookies" are small data files downloaded from a website to your computer's disk and they do not store personal data such as name, address or your credit card's number.

You can also disable cookies saving on your browser, delete them or manage their use by configuring the browser that you use to access our FutFanatics website.

User's Responsibility
It is user's responsibility to keep their login and password information. It is not recommended to use obvious passwords, such as special dates, names or number sequences.

If you become aware or just suspect that your password has been discovered, please change it in your registration page.

Ownership Information
All information contained in this website is property of FutFanatics. Therefore, it can not be changed, copied, reproduced, or used in any way without prior written consent of FutFanatics.

For this reason, when accessing, users are aware that the misuse of information here contained may result in civil and criminal penalties.