Umbro Avaí 2022 Away Jersey



Avail away shirt for 2022 pays tribute to the "Leão" mascot of the team that emerged in the 50's and came to represent all the strength and bravery of the catarinense team. The mantle features the figure of the Leão throughout the frontal region and has a seal near the hem.

Technical information

Composition: 100% Polyester
Color: White
Gender: Male
Origin: National
Badge: Embroidered
Short sleeve
Club: Avaí
Collar: Polo

Approximate dimensions (H x L):
S: 70 x 47 cm
M: 72 x 51 cm
L: 75 x 5 cm
XL: 76 x 59 cm
2XL: 82 x 61 cm
3XL: 83 x 63 cm

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Umbro Avaí 2022 Away Jersey