Volt Figueirense 2022 Home Jersey



To celebrate 100 years of Figueira, Volt gave rise to the home shirt of Alvinegro for the 2022 season. The catarinense's mantle exhibits a design in the colors of the club, bears the centenary stamp near the bar, as well as the embroidered badge on the chest region.

Technical information

Congratulations, Figueira! Gigante do Estreito's first shirt for the 2022 season celebrates the club's 100th anniversary, completed in June 2021. The Santa Catarina mantle, developed by Volt, features a design with vertical alvinegra stripes, in addition to bringing the embroidered badge on the chest with the description “Avante Figueirense” on its back. The centenary stamp, on the other hand, is highlighted near the hem, and the phrase “O Time do Povo” is seen on the inside of the collar.

Composition: 100% Polyester
Color: White
Suitable for: Match
Club: Figueirense
Origin: National
Badge: Embroidered
Short sleeve
Collar: Crew

Approximate dimensions (H x W):
S: 69 x 50 cm
M: 71 x 52 cm
L: 73 x 54 cm
XL: 75 x 56 cm
2XL: 77 x 58 cm

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Volt Figueirense 2022 Home Jersey