Umbro Santos 2024 Travel Navy Jacket



Developed by Umbro, the Santos Travel jacket for 2024 season is perfect for the "Alvinegro Praiano" lovers looking for comfort for cold days. The piece is made of polyester, has a blue design, has two pockets without zipper and an embroidered badge.

Technical information

Composition: 100% Polyester
Opening/closing: Zipper
Pockets: Two, without zipper
Predominant color: Black
Suitable for: Blue
Origin: Brazil
Badge: Embroidery
Club: Santos
Sleeve: Long
Collar: High

Approximate dimensions (H x W):
71 x 52 cm
M: 73 x 54 cm
L: 75 x 56 cm
XL: 77 x 58 cm
2XL: 79 x 60 cm
3XL: 81 x 62 cm

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Umbro Santos 2024 Travel Navy Jacket