Puma Palmeiras 2022 Libertadores Third Jersey



Green is everything! To celebrate Verdão's 108 years, Puma presents the 2022 third jersey, which celebrates the vibration that comes from the passionate fans. The shirt features a gradient print representing palm leaves and features the Libertadores patch on the sleeves.

Technical information

Green or nothing! Palmeiras' third jersey for the 2022 season was developed to make Palestrian hearts even greener, as it celebrates all the emotion, determination and vibration of players and fans with each achievement. The shirt features an underlined gradient print on the front, which represents palm trees, already present on the Home shirt, as a symbol of victory and eternal life. #GreenIsEverything is #GreenOrNothing

Dry Cell
: Keeps sweat away from the skin, while anatomically placed airflow features offer superior temperature regulation to keep the body dry and cool during use.

Composition: 100% Polyester
Predominant color: Green
Suitable for: Game
Origin: National
Club: Palmeiras
Badge: Printed
Short sleeve
Neck: V

Approximate dimensions (H x W):
: 70 x 50 cm
M: 72 x 53 cm
L: 75 x 57 cm
XL: 77 x 63 cm
2XL: 81 x 68 cm
3XL: 83 x 75 cm
4XL: 86 x 80 cm
5XL: 88 x 82 cm

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Puma Palmeiras 2022 Libertadores Third Jersey

From US$ 80.90
US$ 48.90
Saves  US$ 32.00

From US$ 80.90
US$ 48.90
Saves  US$ 32.00